AL-SUNNAH PERFUMES BRAND was LAUNCHED in 2009,however we have been selling& specializing fragrances for over 14 years as a family business ,initially starting from our small humble shop in Batley west Yorkshire called MULLA PERFUME.Since then we have moved to a new location in Heckmondwike and secured a showroom/Retail Shop for our products and are happy to welcome customers to our exclusive showroom AL-SUNNAH PERFUMES/HUZAIFAH AROMATICS

Our portfolio has Greatly extended over the years  and we now also specialise in pure essential Organic oils,Wild Grown&Extracts & Absolutes,in addition to pure oils from around the globe.

AL-SUNNAH PERFUMES specializing in the supply of fine fragrances and bottles for the wide general population,with the natural progression of our business since that time, our business has developed considerably, now offering a wide choice of fragrances,cosmetic fragrances and bottles together with closures and accessories to compliment them.

At AL-SUNNAH PERFUMES we aim to provide the best quality fragrances /with a hint of exclusive collection from around the world, quality, price,service,all comes as EXCEPTIONAL HIGH STANDARD .

We offer extensive be-spoke services for our product range,to personalize your choice of fragrances and with many years of experience, we are happy to provide advice when required on all aspects
Working with established, exclusive partners in the PERFUME industry, we are continuously striving to offer quality products at competitive prices along with advice and a friendly service, at all times.

To be the first name you think of when buying fragrances on the internet.
Also to expand the enjoyment of fragrance, each day, everywhere.

We want to stir fragrant memories, stimulate curiosity about scent, celebrate the often under appreciated sense of smell and create products that allow individuals to select fragrance based on their own preferences –rather than a designer, a celebrity or a perfumer’s idea of what those preferences should be.

We want to show the world that great fragrance, quite simply, makes for a better day.

To make shopping online quick, easy and convenient.

To keep prices as low as possible, offering an alternative to high street shopping.

To provide an excellent level of customer service.

To make our site fun, interesting with bargains and a range of products that make you want to visit
WWW.AL-SUNNAHPERFUMES.CO.UK over and over again.

We are always keen to hear from you; get in touch with us via this page, our Facebook page, or Twitter & Instagram to tell us which scent you would like to see available in the UK next. Let your imagination run wild, and then tell us
where it’s been.

Welcome to AL-SUNNAH PERFUMES. Step inside for a browse, just click here

(Pics of MULLA PERFUME Inside)
(Pics of MULLA PERFUME Inside)