Grade: A1 Artisanal Ruh Khus (Vetiver) Oil

Botanical Name: Vetiveria zizanioides [synonym of Chrysopogon zizanioides (L.) Roberty]

Origin: India

Cultivation: Wild

Use: Aromatherapy / Natural Perfumery / Incense

Note: Base Note, Excellent Fixative. Always dilute.

Aroma: Exceptionally smooth, sweet, and refined aroma with a very light green top note; without any smoky or harsh notes, yet has a deep, rich, earthy, and tenacious character and an appealing sweet wood quality.


Ruh Khus has a deep, rich, earthy, and tenacious character with an appealing sweet wood quality and a very light green top note; it has a refined aroma without any smoky or harsh notes – simply beautiful!.

More than just a simple grass, its chemical complexity is why Vetiver is often thought of as a perfume in itself. It is an outstanding base note with excellent fixative qualities. Vetiveria zizanioides is composed of more than 100 mostly sesquiterpene constituents; three in particular – khusimol, α-vetivone and β-vetivone – are thought of as the ‘fingerprint’ of the oil and are responsible, in large part, for the characteristic odor and pharmacological properties of Vetiver.2

Also known as vetivert, khus, or khus khus, Vetiver has a long history of use and is very well known as the Oil of Tranquility.3 It is obtained from the roots of a tropical grass originally from India. From time immemorial, one of the oldest aromatic uses of Vetiver roots is to weave them into mats which, when dampened with water and hung in windows like curtains, cool and scent the air with a pleasant aroma.

Vetiver essential oil varies dramatically in aroma depending on where it is grown (terrain, climate, cultivation) and how it is distilled. Guenther stresses that the distillation of heavy, sesquiterpene-rich oils like Vetiver must continue for hours despite the apparent lack of increase in volume, “otherwise valuable, high-boiling constituents will be lacking in the oil.”5Dense and syrupy, Vetiver essential oils, much like Patchouli and Sandalwood oils, undergo chemical transformation and improve with age, making them very good base notes and fixatives in natural perfume and incense formulations.6,7 Vetiver is also a good grounding oil for those who focus on intellectual activities to the exclusion of the physical, to add to the bath for an exceptionally calming soak, and to use in the case of shock due to, for example, an accident, loss of employment, bereavement, separation, or divorce.

Christopher McMahon, a soulful observer and lover of plants, suggests that Vetiver oil’s “…wonderful complexity is due to the fact that [the plant] has many hundreds of fine rootlets that are in direct contact with the earth in which it grows and that it is able to extract from this earth subtle and rare molecules that are absorbed into its vascular system which in turn transforms them into a galaxy of molecules within the plant.” He muses that “When we stop and consider how plants ‘distill’ from the earth such a rich abundance of exquisite aromatic molecules in an infinite variety of combinations, we can only acknowledge that we are participating in a miracle of life which is full of mystery and wonder.”9

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