Mitti Attar (The Scent of Rain) 5ml ***NEW GRADE ***


Mitti Attar – The smell of the first monsoon rains on the dry ground. This is a unique attar that is notmade from a plant, but from a special, half-baked clay called khapra, which is harvested near Kannauj. Where does the aroma of clay come from? Petrichor is an oily substance secreted by certain plants, then absorbed by the clay soil and rocks during dry periods. Mitti attar smell like petrichor.This light base note gets along with any other essence and contributes its beauty to create perfume with a light base.
It is subtle, dusty, intimate, deep and once again very uniquely and recognizably Indian. India’s earth expresses itself hydro-distilled into creamy high-quality Indian sandalwood,and is held by the sandalwood base. The sandalwood really takes a back seat and allows the subtleties of this aroma to come through. The minerals of the baked earth seem to dance and sing in the vibration and aroma of this attar. There is nothing quite like it. It draws one inwards and calls us to the depths of ourselves.
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